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18 Unbelievable Facts Which Will Keep You Up at Night

By KK Angus, 3 April 2018


Be prepared for the most intriguing list of facts you've seen this month. You might be great at scientific trivia or historical trivia or maybe you have an incredible IQ, but we bet you'll never ever forget the facts that we are about to tell you right now. It will not only keep you up tonight, but many nights to come.

Do you know how many murderers you meet in your lifetime? Or what you smell when you sleep? Buckle up because you're up for a crazy ride.

1Math hack


Do you know your palm can totally help you with geometry. You can measure the angles with your hand. As a student you must have had a hard time understanding how to measure angles. But you can totally measure them with an easy trick. Spread your palm and make sure there's space between your fingers. Hold your hand upright, the angle between the base of your palm and thumb makes a 90° angle whereas the finger next to your little makes a 30° angle.

Math hack

Image Source: Geometrycoach.com

2Murder Mystery


The average person walks past at least 16 murderers in their lifetime. A math-loving Redditor did the equation and it's mind-boggling. You meet/ pass at least 10 new people every day. Multiply that with 365 (for days in a year) and multiply that with 71 which is the average lifespan of man. You'll get the number 260,000, which is the number of people you pass in your life. Now multiply 260,000 with 6 and divide it by 100,000 (considering 6 murderers per 100,000 individuals) and you get 15.6, which rounds up to 16.

Murder Mystery

Image Source: www.thesun.co.uk

3Human saliva kills pain


Have you ever sucked at your skin after you inured it? That might have helped because human saliva has pain relieving properties. The saliva produces opiorphin which is apparently a lot more effective than morphine when it comes to relieving pain.

Human saliva kills pain

Image Source: www.thefactspeak.com

4Brain dilemma


Do you know there are colours our brains struggle to imagine? For instance, the human brain finds it difficult to imagine colours like bluish purple or blue-green, and when you try to close your eyes and try to visualise it you can either see blue or yellow or green but not the blended hue.

Brain dilemma

Image Source: www.color-hex.com


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