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10 Facts That Sound Too Good To Be True, But Are 100% Correct

By Jatin Sharma, 2 May 2017


Today, the internet has caused a lot of trouble in knowing which factoid is true and which is fake. Fake news has become so rampant that both Google and Facebook had to take up measures in order to tackle this menace.

Sometimes, some factoids sound so bizarre and unbelievable, that one dismisses it for fake. However, we bring to you 10 such facts which are difficult to digest, but are 100% true.

1 Founder of Match.com lost his girlfriend in a bizarre way

Match.com is a website that was founded by Gary Kremen in 1994. He then left the company in 1996 with $50,000 payout and to his ill fortune, Match.com made $900 mn in 2015 alone. He might have been a billionaire had he not left the company he started.

However, more than money, Kremen lost his girlfriend to the website as well. His girlfriend made a profile on the site and met a man and broke up with Kremen.

Gary Kremen

Image Source: www.internethistorypodcast.com

2 Oxford University is really, really old

We all know about Oxford University and how prestigious it is to study in the illustrious education place. However to put things about how old the university is, the famed Aztec civilization was founded in 1200 AD in Mexico and are known to developed the calendar, had universal education system. They were wiped out by an invasion by Spanish Hernan Cortes in 1521.

Well, the thing is University of Oxford predates the Aztec civilization by 2000 years, as it was established in year 1096 AD. The university became famous when it got the royal charter during the reign of King Henry III in 1248. So in all, the university is about 921 years or so old.

Oxford University is really really old

Image Source: www.oxfordhistory.org.uk


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