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Don’t Restrain Your Farts! Seven Reasons Why Passing Wind Is Healthy

By Andrew Alpin, 14 May 2017


Have you ever lost control and farted amongst friends, family or in public? Well next time you do it, don’t stick your tongue out or look smile a sheepish grin, just let everyone know you’re being healthy. Yes, farting or passing wind is healthy. It may not be an aesthetic way of displaying your health but it certainly has its benefits and is an indication that you have a healthy digestive system and stabilized gut bacteria.

1 The composition of a fart


Fartfacts.com says a fart comprises the following

  • Nitrogen 9%
  • Hydrogen 21%
  • Carbon dioxide 9%
  • Methane 7%
  • Oxygen 4%
  • Hydrogen sulphide 1% (This is what makes a smelly fart)

People usually flatulate or fart while sleeping. There are several high carb foods that cause flatulence such as beans, artichokes, oats, nuts, Soy, sweet potatoes and wheat. If you don’t want to fart, you would have to eat just refined sugar and that’s unhealthy for anyone.

The composition of fart

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2 Women fart as much as men


Only they do it quietly and are more prone to exercising discretion. Women’s farts are concentrated and smell more as per a study which observed how men and women who ate the same type of food farted. Now if you must know, there are many benefits to farting.

Women farting

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3 Reduces bloating


Farting reduces bloating by releasing all the pent up gases in your abdomen. If you fele your pants are getting tighter by the minute, try farting.

Reduces bloating

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