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7 Bizarre Places In The World, Where You Can Visit Human Remains

By Jatin Sharma, 27 April 2017


The world is full of bizarre places where you can find many interesting things. Such places are scattered all over the world and some of these places feature remains of famous people also. Here are 7 such places where you can see remains of human on public displays.

1 The Egyptian Mummies, British Museum


Ancient Egyptians used to mummify the bodies of royal pharaohs, priests, and even pets in order to provide the soul a safe passage in the afterlife. The British interest in the Egyptian mummies peaked when Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered the tomb of Tutenkhamen in 1922. Now the British wealthy people and museums hold the biggest collections of mummies outside Egypt.

Many museums in UK and other parts of the world like Manchester Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection in Berlin have thousands of mummies displayed for visitors with important information.

The Egyptian Mummies British Museum

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2 Sokushinbutsu Monks, Japan


Sokushinbutsu literally means “self-mummification.” This ritual was performed by the Buddhist Monks from 1000-1800 AD in hope of their mortal being becoming a gateway between this world and spiritual world and these monks would achieve higher state of enlightenment.

The monks were buried alive under the ground under strict temperature regulations and the monk would die slowly, with body deprived of any nutrients so that bacteria wouldn’t harm the body. Such monks would be worshiped as gods or living Buddha. This practice was outlawed in Japan in 1877.

The last of such Sokushinbutsu monk was Tetsuryukai and his remains are available to visit at Nangaku Temple in Central Tsuruoka in northern Japan.

Sokushinbutsu Monks Japan

Image Source: www.24ur.com


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