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10 Secret Emergency Codes Everyone Should Know

By Jatin Sharma, 15 April 2017


Emergency codes and words are made for hospitals, airports and other public places to notify their staff or security of a bad situation or something bad happening in the vicinity. This is done due to avoid panic in public and alert the trained personnel to deal with the situation. Many of these codes are secret to keep common people away from harm and danger in the emergency situations, however, these 10 code can help you notify and help someone else.

1 The Police ‘10’ codes


US Law enforcement agencies and especially police use this ‘ten for’ codes to signify various illegal things in happening. The codes were set place in 1930s and were expanded and curate in 1970. In this system, 10-87 means homicide, 10-31 means a man with a gun, and ‘ten –double zero’ means all units must report immediately as an officer is down.

  • 10 – 31 – Man with Gun
  • 10 – 35 – Major Crime Alert
  • 10 – 38 – Stopping Suspicious Vehicle
  • 10 – 80 – Chase in Progress

he Police ‘10’ codes

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2 Time check


Time check is the time bomb squad version of police’s ‘ten’ code. When ‘Time Check: time is 12.00’ is said during a bomb threat, the authorities must immediately follow the protocols in place for bomb emergencies. Procedure states that personnel in offices must start searching for suspicious objects and start searching for the bomb, instead of moving towards exits.

Bomb Threat code

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