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This is What a Hotel Does To The Used Soap You Leave After Checkout

By Andrew Alpin, 3 May 2017


Don’t you just love those little toiletries you see in a hotel room each time you check in? They can be a life saver especially if you’ve forgotten to pack your own. But!! Have you ever wondered what happens to those hotel toiletries you leave behind? Well!! Here’s what the hotel staff does with them.

1 What happens to that bar of soap once you’ve checked out?

Once you’ve checked out, the cleaning staff will, of course, comes to the room for a cleaning job and depending on the hotel chain you stay in, this is what happens to hotel toiletries left behind.

Hotel soap

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2 One traveler decided to find out

The used soap, of course, is discarded but it’s intriguing to know what happens to the rest of the hotel toiletries you leave behind as CEO Shawn Seipler, a frequent traveler found out.

The used soap

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3 Watch the video to see for yourself

When Shawn saw the waste, he decided to do something about it. If you want to know what he did, then click on the Video and you’ll be amazed. You’ll also see what happens to that bar of soap.


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