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18 Unbelievable Facts Which Will Keep You Up at Night

By KK Angus, 3 April 2018


13Toddler danger

It was discovered in 2015 that in the last few years in US history more people were killed by toddlers than by terrorists. This study is also a telling indicator of the much-debated gun safety issue as most of these deaths involved firearms.

gun safety issue

Image Source: www.usatoday.com

14Dead laughter

Are you a fan of comedy? Then you must enjoy the laughter tracks which are featured in the comedy shows when something funny happens. Do you know that most of these laughter tracks have been recorded years or even decades ago and people on the tracks are dead by now. Which would mean you are listening to dead people laughing.

Dead laughter

Image Source: huffingtonpost.com

15Too alone or not?


You must have joked about extraterrestrial life or watched alien movies but have you ever given life outside earth a serious thought? Have you ever thought that only two possibilities exist in the universe. Either human race is entirely alone or they are not, and both of these thoughts are equally scary.

Alien UFO

Image Source: www.cheatsheet.com

16New person?

Do you know you're physically a different person than when you were born? It has been discovered that every cell in our body gets swapped for new ones every seven years and since we are entirely made of cells, all of our cells since birth have been swapped many times and we are technically in a new body.

New person

Image Source: katebochte.com

17Lose it all?

By the time you're 60, you'll lose half of your taste buds and ability to taste the difference between sweet or salty.

ability to taste

Image Source: Entertainment.ie

18In 80 years


In the next 80 years, most people on Facebook and Twitter will have died since they are already at least 10 years old.

using facebook

Image Source: www.quertime.com


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