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18 Unbelievable Facts Which Will Keep You Up at Night

By KK Angus, 3 April 2018


5Bugs often eat our faces

Do you know that creatures called Demodex mites live in your skin pores and hair follicles and survive there? The older we get the more mites crowd our skins and in fact they spread through skin contact. It has also been found out that Demodex mites lay eggs in our skin and release faeces when they die.

Bugs often eat our faces

Image Source: www.morroccomethod.com

6Traffic light trivia

Do you know traffic lights are usually a lot bigger than they seem? If you think about it you'll realize that you only see traffic lights from a certain lower angle which makes them look smaller as they are far. But if you ever see a traffic light on a normal ground you'll see its taller and wider than you thought.

Traffic light trivia

Image Source: www.standard.net

7Cloud = elephants?


Do you know how heavy clouds are? It was revealed that an average cloud weighs the same as 100 elephants. And each storm cloud weighs the same as 200,000 elephants which if you think about it is mind-blowing.

Cloud = elephants

Image Source: englishbookgeorgia.com

8Perks of a being millennial

If you're a millennial you've been born at a crucial juncture in the history of time. If you were born in 1990 you've lived in two centuries, two millenniums and three decades before you even turned 30.

Perks of a being millennial

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