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8 Historic Photos That Will Make You Question Humanity Forever

By Jatin Sharma, 18 April 2017


Modern mankind has a history of showing many times, how humanity can be shamed with genocides, wars and other things that can say humanity died many deaths during the course of mankind. In recent history, we have seen two world wars, numerous genocides and riots which have claimed lives of millions of people. These 8 photos from history will send a chill down your spine and you will say, is humanity dead?

1 Bergen- Belsen Concentration Camp

Bergen- Belsen Concentration Camp was originally set up as a prisoner of war camp in 1943 by Nazi army. It was an exchange point for exchanging German prisoners of war for Jewish hostages. But soon, it became a concentration camp and it saw the death of over 20,000 USSR soldiers and over 50,000 inmates died there from 1941-1945. This photo serves us a reminder of how one man caused the mass killings of over 6 million people and plunged the world into a war.

Belsen Concentration Camp.

Image Source: www.amazingthingsintheworld.com


2 Mongolia 1913

This pic from 1913 depicts a young Mongolian women been stuffed into a wooden box and left in the open to die from starvation. She is seen trying to find a way out for her using the hole cut for air. The photo was taken in July 1913 by French photographer Albert Kahn. It was first published in National Geographic issue in 1922.

young Mongolian women trapped in cage

Image Source: www.imgur.com


3 Cambodian Killing fields

Cambodian Killing fields is a place where the Khmer Rouge regime killed over a million of people from 1975-79, after the end of Cambodian Civil War. It was the part of a state sponsored genocide and over 20,000 mass graves were excavated later the DC-Cam Mapping Program and Yale University. It all ended in 1979, when Vietnam invaded Democratic Kampuchea and toppled the Khmer Rouge regime.

Cambodian Killing fields

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


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