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18 Signs That Reveal The Psychology Behind True Love

By Kavita Panyam, 3 November 2017


The world is abuzz with thoughts on true love doing the rounds everywhere. True love is not about what you receive from others, rather it is about what you offer to others irrespective of everything else. Love is a feeling and not an attachment. Have you ever wondered as to how some people manage to stay in love despite being away from their partners? Why do they not need validations to support their feelings? We bring you sixteen signs that may indicate your love to be true.

1You Feel Unconditional Love for Them


If you find yourself carrying love in your heart even if your partner does not always reciprocate, know that your feelings are true. Unconditional love is not dependent upon the feelings of the other person. You wake up early in the morning to fix your partner's favorite breakfast. He gets ready, hops on to the table, gulps down the food and rushes out of the door straight to his workplace. You smile as you clear out the dishes as you are content that he ate the meal you so lovingly prepared. You do not wonder whether he tasted the food or about him leaving for work without acknowledging your efforts. His actions do not disturb your equilibrium as you operate from the zone of unconditional love.

Feel Unconditional

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2You don’t react adversely and threaten to leave during challenging times


When two people get together, things are not hunky dory all the time. There would be bickering, anger and hurt. If you find yourself not reacting adversely to such situations, you don’t threaten to leave your partner, you are calm and composed, this could mean that your love for your partner is true. When nothing disturbs your peace, know that your feelings may be real.

arguments in relationship

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