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Important Traits That Attract Men and Women To Each Other: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By Kavita Panyam, 5 November 2017


A man and a woman come across each other, and instantly become aware. Sparks fly, and they notice traits that intrigue them. Soon, attraction sets in. Some of these turn into relationships while some others fizzle out after some time. Added to the mystery is, getting attracted to people from different walks of life.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to know more about these traits? We have compiled a list of some such traits for you.

Traits that Attract a Man

•1. Men are attracted to women who carry themselves with style. Their uniqueness is their signature that attracts a man.

•2. Men are attracted to women from a certain social class.

•3. Men are attracted to women that are beautiful and possess a great body. Women with curves and good vital statistics attract men.

Traits that Attract a Man

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•4. Men like women with good hair and also sport trendy hairstyles.

•5. Body language is an important trait that attracts men. Women that roll their tongue while speaking, have great accents, clear speech, pleasant voice, lean forward while listening, cross their legs, nod often, flutter eyelashes, smile: to indicate their interest levels and make eye contact fascinate men.

•6. Women that are well groomed attract men. Good Hygiene, neatness is very important when it comes to attraction. Clean breath, good dressing sense, matching clothes, bags, shoes, nice smelling women attract men.

•7. Men like confident women that can carry themselves well, without being dependent on others.

•8. Women that are kind and possess a caring nature attract men. 

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•9. Men are attracted to helpful women. Women that assist, guide, lead, tend to attract men.

•10. Men love to feel needed and appreciated as that is what keeps them going. Women that appreciate and praise men for their contribution attract men.


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