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18 Signs That Reveal The Psychology Behind True Love

By Kavita Panyam, 3 November 2017


3You are ready to take each day as it comes

When you find yourself looking at each day with brand new eyes, without carrying any unpleasantness or challenges of the previous day, your love may be real. Your partner is busy and has little time for you and you use this time to further your skills, know that you have reached the stage where external situations do not take away your joy and peace.

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4You give without any expectations

Even in the most compatible relationships, giving is not complete without receiving. But there are people that give without expecting anything in return. If you feel this way, then your love could be real. You choose to give your time and care and may not receive the same from your partner every time. But when this does not disturb the love and peace in your heart, your love could be true.

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5You have a life other than your love life


People that are secure in their love, have a life other than their love life, finding fulfillment in all areas of their lives. When you are clingy and demanding, the love gets replaced with wants, causing frictions. A person that can keep happy in his/her own life, be it career wise or any other activity furthering his/her goal can give and receive love in a better manner. They don’t expect their partner to be the reason of their joy or sorrow. Such people give out better support and unconditional love.

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6You Accept Your Partners Views Without any Bias

When your partner expresses his views and you find that they are not in sync with yours, and yet you accept the differences without being judgmental and biased, your love can be true. Couples that judge each other close the doors to understanding and acceptance.

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