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18 Signs That Reveal The Psychology Behind True Love

By Kavita Panyam, 3 November 2017


15You give them the freedom to choose

While people would love to have their partners do things their way, someone that loves another truly would never force them to do things against their wishes. True love is about setting them free to choose their path.

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16You wish them well in the event of a breakup

True love has its share of ordeals. Sometimes it goes through a breakup as well. A breakup often leaves one bitter and remorseful. People do not accept this easily and may try to hold onto the person for as much as they can. This is not healthy as love should never be forced on others. Even if their partners were to hang around for a while, if their mind was set, they would, in any case, leave sooner or later. If you have experienced a breakup and find it in your heart to forgive your partner and yourself, your love, in any case, be able to wish well for someone that has moved away from you, perhaps to someone else is a big thing. You should pat yourself on the back if your love passes this test.

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17You accept them back


A breakup can create a void in the heart of the person that has been left behind. It is certainly not an easy task to forgive and move on, but it is not impossible either. To the one that loved with no barriers, parting does not end the love in their heart. Love should be free-flowing and not just an attachment as that is based on needs. There are times when the partner that has walked out returns some day and you find that you have no hurt and anger in your heart. If you accept them back with no questions asked, that is true love. This is not to be confused with desperation or getting even with them. True love demands no explanations, it just loves.

18You bury the past and start afresh

So, you accept them back and get ready for the new innings. What is challenging is, to not throw the past in his/her face each time an altercation breaks out. While some people forgive, they may find it hard to forget about the hurt. In such cases the hurt looms large in their mind all the time, waiting for an opportunity to burst out.

bury the past and start afresh

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True love is not that which expects, rather that which respects. It is unconditional in nature, not letting anything come in its way. It remains the same whether you get together with that person or not. The beauty of true love is such that, even separation does not change your feelings. True love is all about never questioning your love for someone. It is a feeling that is here to stay.


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