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18 Sure Shot Tips On How To Impress People Without Saying A Word

By Kavita Panyam, 10 November 2017


Psychologists have proved that there are ways to make people like you without saying a word. These are known as nonverbal cues. So, this means that becoming likeable is easier than you think. The various traits and behaviors that manage to get people to notice you enough to like you, can be learnt. Let us look at some of these nonverbal cues.

1Be a Good Listener


People love talking about themselves. It makes them feel important and cared for. So, if you want someone to notice you, become a good listener. You’ll find that as you listen to them more, they’ll grow to like you as much. Listening is an art, one that can be acquired but most people that are good listeners may have inherited the trait. A good listener takes in all details of the communication without interrupting and judging them. He waits for them to finish before airing his views, that is only if it is asked out of him. Allowing someone to share their story brings them closer to you. They may begin to see as you as a potential confidant. Added to this is the fact that unloading stuff makes people light and cheerful.

Be a Good Listener

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A smile is the first thing people notice in a person. When the smile is warm, eyes twinkle and the gaze is steady, this person gets people to like him/her immediately. A warm smile works like an icebreaker amongst strangers. When you meet new people while commuting, it is common to smile and start a conversation. The smile is what gets people to open up to strangers. A smile also reveals one’s friendly personality. Friendly people are instantly liked by others. When you wave and smile, it is even better as people notice you instantly without you having to speak a word.


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3Casually Tap the Person


When you want to get someone to notice you, tapping the person lightly on the shoulder while smiling can do the trick. Subliminal touching, as it is called, is subtle touch that is barely noticed but gets you the attention. You can do this as you offer to pick up someone’s books that have fallen signaling an ‘’I’ll get it’’ or tapping someone’s shoulder, offering to hold their bag as they remove some change to pay the cab driver. A gentle tap on the shoulder works as a reassurance and is usually taken well by people. So, the next time you want to get someone to notice you, gently tap on their shoulder.

Casually Tap the Person

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