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Look out for These 12 Signs That Prove You’re Dealing with a Psychopath

By Andrew Alpin, 9 November 2017


While you may come across several people in a lifetime, there will be one point of time when you wish you had stayed away from certain people who tend to be psychopaths. It is an even worse off experience when that happens to be a partner whose true nature is only revealed once you’re already into the relationship. Psychopaths don’t exactly have a conscience and won’t hesitate to harm people, even their partners without feeling guilty about it. Although they seem to possess human emotions, that is just a charade and mask for the real way they feel and that is egotistic and self-centered.

Surprising as it may seem and you may already know this that Psychopaths are regular people but will display their eccentric or weird behavior when you least expect it which is the frightening aspect of living with a psycho. If you are suspicious of someone who could be one, then here are 12 signs you’re dealing with a psychopath that could confirm your suspicions are real. 

1Psychopaths keep lying and making excuses


Psychopaths usually care for themselves and nobody else. Their intensity and frequency of lying can go to extremes where such behavior is fairly normal for a psycho who won’t even bat an eyelid when lying as it is regarded as normal behavior for him.

Psychopaths will lie just to suit themselves or to benefit from a situation or get out of a tricky one. If a lie serves their best interests, they will spew lies left right and center regardless of whether they look stupid or sounding ridiculous. 

Psychopaths keep lying and making excuses

Image Source: www.mentalhealth.com

2They look down at others


Psychopaths have this weird high and mighty attitude that they are of a higher realm and everyone else are lesser mortals privileged to have them in our midst. A psychopath will always regard himself as superior with higher intelligence and make you feel that nothing you do is right. He will always be smarter than you who according to him are dumb!!

Psychopaths also go to any length to insult and make people feel bad about themselves, they love rubbing people up the wrong way but also will possess the ability to manipulate people pushing the right buttons. In the end it may just be you apologizing for things you haven’t even done. Such behavior is the result of insecurity and low self esteem that most psychopaths secretly feel about themselves in the presence of others. 

high and mighty attitude

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