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17 Psychological tips and tricks that could help you deal with negative people

By Kavita Panyam, 7 November 2017


Are you often engaged in a battle of constantly having to defend yourself to baseless insinuations? Do you feel drained when you come face to face with certain people? Negative people thrive on making others uncomfortable. They make one feel worthless and low in all aspects. They may enter your life under the guise of a well-wisher, but their speech and actions would seem contradictory. It is important to identify a friend from a foe and learn how to deal with them. We bring you some tips and tricks that could help you deal with negative people.

Do these signs seem familiar?

  1. Do some people put you down every single time?
  2. Do you find yourself giving unnecessary explanations only to be brushed aside saying they were lame excuses?
  3. Do you feel drained in the company of certain people?
  4. Do some people derive joy by putting you in the spot every time you both interact?
  5. Do you find yourself struggling to communicate with some people due to sarcasm?
  6. Do you find yourself in a pull-push relationship with someone?
  7. Do you find yourself being judged and labeled all the time?
  8. Do you find yourself being blamed for a lack despite doing your best?
  9. Do compliments seem like insults?
  10. Do they often misdirect you in your endeavors?

 thumb down sign

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If you have answered a yes to most questions, you must understand that you are dealing with a negative person. If you’ve answered a yes to some, this could just be the beginning. Beware!

When it comes to dealing with negative people, it becomes challenging to find a way without disturbing your peace. Well, this need not be so. With smartness and tact, you can tide over unpleasantness without wincing. The first step is to identify the motive behind their action.

Understanding their intention:

If he/she happens to be a co-worker, then competition could be the underlying reason for the hostile behavior. They might be reminded of their own failure and may want to dissuade you from success. Jealousy and envy could be other strong reasons why they resort to such behavior. Sometimes, it could just be who they are and may have nothing to do with you specifically. Their aim is to hurt people and derive joy out of it. Here are some ways you could deal with such people.

irritated co-worker

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1Avoid giving them information about your life


Let’s face it. Not everyone feels happy at someone else’s success. Though they might smile outwardly, feelings of resentment may swim internally. You must be alert, notice patterns and take the required action. The first should be to stop giving them a peep into your life and achievements. When information is withheld, there would be less number of instances.

 Avoid giving them information

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