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41 Impressive Psychological Tricks That Can Influence Anyone

By Kavita Panyam, 1 November 2017


The world is an interesting place as people are not alike. The difference in outlook and behavior is something that keeps the interest levels ticking. But sometimes having people comply and come over to your side becomes important. It is then that one looks for ways and means to achieve this herculean task. Well, we have compiled a list of forty-one psychological tricks that are sure to impress and influence people. Read on to know what these are.


  • 1. When you have lots to do but little or no enthusiasm to get it done, try using the timer method. In this method, you need to set 10 minutes as your time to complete the task on hand. This method kicks in motivation and you may find yourself extending the first 10 minutes by much more.
  • 2. When you need to confront someone without offending them with the aim of getting the job done, try using passive voice. You could say, “The meeting was not fixed” instead of “You did not fix the meeting.” 

confront someone without offending

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  • 3. If your aim is to get close to someone, try addressing them by their first names. You’ll find that the person responds to you instinctively. Take care as to not overuse this trick as it may backfire at times.
  • 4. When you find something tough and boring to learn and imbibe, try teaching the same to someone else. It is quite likely that it will begin to resist in your mind as well.
  • 5. When you are hoping to crack an important deal, and find that the other person is not quite forthcoming, just maintain eye contact and remain silent. You may find this person relenting albeit reluctantly.

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  • 6. When you want to make an impact, try the gifting option. When you offer a gift, you’ll find the person changing his opinion about you.
  • 7. When you are in a hurry to close a deal, using notifications such as, ‘’last three seats left’’ help make an urgent impact resulting in fast closure.
  • 8. When you want to assign a task to someone, try giving them an option to choose between, ‘’tough and original task (this or that).’’ You’ll find them attempting the task wholeheartedly.


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