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Five Secrets to Raising a Good Kid As Revealed By Harvard Psychologists

By Andrew Alpin, 1 November 2017


Bringing up kids in today’s world is a whole new ball game in comparison to 25 years ago. Times have changed. Our modern lifestyle today is a technology driven one where technology itself in as much as being a boon to society is also a curse distracting children from healthy outdoor activity and learning social skills.. Such factors then become a challenge for parents who either give in to demands or are firm in establishing ground rules.

In a social study at Harvard University, Psychologists addressed these very same issues and concluded that parents who raise their children well usually have 5 factors in common. Thus here are 5 secrets to raising a good kid.

1 Spending quality time with your children

Just being physically present at home isn’t enough, it does not constitute as quality time. Family bonding between kids and parents need to be free from external influences such as the Xbox and smartphones. Communication is important and that cannot be done while your child is busy on Snapchat and you are watching television.

Communication works wonders and conveys the emotion of caring. Sharing ideas and experiences, a bit of laughter and general discussions are important in establishing a closer bond between parent and child. Do not relay your experiences as gospel truth but rather offer advice about life in general and allow the child to experience similar things from their own perspective. Discuss about common likes, games and topics that would be fun for both. Such an experience will cultivate the very same attitude in a child who will grow yup to be an equally caring and responsible adult.

Where little children are concerned, cultivate the love for reading and read a bedtime story to them if you have too. Ask them about their day at school encouraging them to narrate both good and bad experiences which helps in finding a common solution to problems.

Spending quality time with your children

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