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18 Sure Shot Tips On How To Impress People Without Saying A Word

By Kavita Panyam, 10 November 2017


4Spend Time More often

It has been proved by psychologists that people tend to like those that hang around with them often. So, if you want to befriend someone make sure you bump into them every day so that they notice you enough. When they find you bumping into them often, they are bound to want to learn more about you. This curiosity is what gets them to seek you. People like those that seem familiar to them due to the comfort zone factor.

Spend Time More often

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5Copy the person

This technique is also known as mirroring as it involves copying the other person’s gestures, body language, and facial expressions. When the other person finds you similar, he is bound to like you. This could also mean laughing together at jokes, shaking hands to prove a point, standing in the same pose, folding of hands, looking to the watch etc. When behavior is reciprocated, it is welcomed, as a comfort zone gets created. The reason behind it is simple, when you want someone to accept you, you need to behave in similar ways to gain an edge.

copy the person

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6 Look Confident


Confident people are almost always liked instantly. The way a person carries himself speaks a lot about him. When someone approaches you with the head held high, maintaining eye contact, walking steadily, you are bound to notice him/her. Confidence exudes positivity that helps people like you faster. Confident people are quick to grasp situations and adapt themselves accordingly as they are intelligent. Another strong point that works in their favour is the fact that people idolize confident people which is why they are instantly liked.

Girl Looking Confident

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7Dress Well

People that possess good dressing sense tend to attract others instantly. Smartly dressed people are generally confident and extroverts. They mingle with ease and extend their charm via nonverbal cues quite intelligently. Added to that is the dress that portrays their social class, personality, choice and taste. People that may like the style may end up liking the person as well.

Dress Well

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8Be well groomed

Personal hygiene, cleanliness, tidiness, proper haircut, neatly ironed clothes and smelling pleasant are a few parameters that people observe when they meet you first. Fresh breath is another important parameter that people notice immediately. So, it is important to take care of these factors if you want to be liked by people.

Be well groomed

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