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18 Sure Shot Tips On How To Impress People Without Saying A Word

By Kavita Panyam, 10 November 2017


14Offer a warm handshake

When you want people to notice you faster, shake hands with them warmly. The brief warm touch gets registered in their mind whenever they think of you. This would make them want to meet you again to know more about you and like you.

Offer a warm handshake

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15Keep your ego in check

Warm and friendly people are liked instantly. It would do you good to keep your ego and sarcasm at bay as that is a sure shot dampener when it comes to getting people to like you.

friendly people

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16Facial expressions


It is not a pleasant thing to alter your facial expressions when someone is talking to you or while you are part of a gathering. You must strive to maintain an expression that shows that you are interested in what people have to say if you want to befriend them. Moreover, maintaining a steady expression displays your maturity as well.

Facial expressions

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17Like the people you want to Befriend

When you begin to like the people you want to befriend, it sends across warm vibes as your demeanour fuels similar impressions. When people see that you like them, they are prone to like you back. The gestures, body language, eye contact, posture send positive signals to the person due to which his/her impression turns positive.

posture send positive signals

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18Take care how you react

When you are in the company of the person you want to befriend, you must take care not to overreact to jokes and gossip. Should you hear gossip, choose to remain neutral with no reactions. If they crack a joke, laugh a little and go back to being neutral. Remember, you don’t know them well. So, it is best to remain neutral in your expressions most of the time. A smile should be enough in most cases. We are sure these tips and tricks to make yourself likeable would fetch you great results. Do share them.

Take care how you react

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