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10 Facts About Women That Will Surprise You

By Andrew Alpin, 20 February


Many interesting facts about women are already known to the majority of us. For example, studies have shown that women have an improved sense of smell and stronger intuition. There is even a correlation between a woman’s breast size and her IQ. Despite this, psychologists and other experts continuously search for answers to the mysteries of women’s minds and abilities. Fortunately, they can test their ‘womanish’ hypotheses from time to time.

So, here is some information that could help males better comprehend their female counterparts. Women will gain a better understanding of their own nature as a result of this study as well.

1 Women’s love of the pink color dates back to prehistoric times

It’s possible that women inherited their love of the color pink from their female ancestors. They were the ones that went out in search of different kinds of edible berries and fruits. The health and well-being of women’s offspring depended heavily on their labor. As a result of this, they had to learn how to tell the difference between ripe and unripe fruit. Generally speaking, women’s color perception is far greater than that of men, which is why there are nearly no color-blind women.

Women’s love of the pink color

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2 Their pupils are larger than that of men’s, and they blink much more than men

The pupils of women’s eyes are larger than those of men’s, and they blink more frequently as well. A woman can blink an average of 19 times per minute as opposed to only 11 times per minute for men. It’s no wonder how women manage to charm men so easily in a single encounter.

women’s eyes

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3 Talking is an excellent way for girls to relax and unwind


In general, women speak roughly 20,000 words per day, compared to men’s daily average of about 7,000 words. In addition to their love of gossip, it has been discovered that this trait is linked to their enjoyment of hearing their own voice.

According to female psychiatrist Louann Brizendine’s book ‘The Female Brain,’ a woman’s brain contains more cells that are responsible for speech functions at first. That’s why the simple act of speaking creates a hormone released that causes the same exhilaration and joy, much like a long-awaited cigarette for a smoker or a cake for a sweet tooth does.

Talking girls

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