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10 Facts About Women That Will Surprise You

By Andrew Alpin, 20 February 2022


4 Women diet much more than men


This is one of the facts about women that you never could’ve known, except for the fact that they love to diet to get a better figure. According to research in the UK, an average woman spends 18 years dieting. Talk about hardcore! Women really will do anything when it comes to improving their appearance.

Women diet

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5 Women have an undeniable attraction to pets since they remind them babies


Do you recall the tenderness you felt when you saw a baby for the first time? The mere sight of a child is enough to make a girl squeal with delight. Big eyes, a high forehead, fat cheeks, and a small chin are all characteristics of children’s faces, which differ significantly from adults’. It’s as though all of these external cues are programming a woman to care for this vulnerable little thing.

It turns out that animals such as raccoons, bunnies, and small-breed dogs share the exact contrasting dimensions and generate the image of a vulnerable youngster in need of attention and protection. Also, they don’t change much as they mature; smaller animals, unlike babies, can preserve the illusion of being helpless babies for their whole lives. A mother instinct and a modern tendency to humanize pets are the two main factors that explain the paradox of this contradiction.

baby cat

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6 Women are more likely to suffer from poor vision


Regardless of gender, behavioral and environmental factors raise the risk of eye problems. However, there are specific nuances connected mainly with women. Women generally have longer lifespans, but they tend to develop vision difficulties as they get older. Women are even more likely to suffer from eye diseases, such as dry eye syndrome, which is believed to be linked to hormones. The number of men affected by this condition is 2-3 times lesser than women.

Women are more likely to suffer from poor vision

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7 The presence of fair hair is a sign of fertility


A high estrogen level in the blood is directly linked to fair hair, which significantly impacts sexual and reproductive development, particularly in women. Blonde girls have a greater fertility rate because of this. Due to this hormone, we have a stigma regarding blonde women’s ignorance because their thinking style might be linked to emotions, intuition, and feelings—things that are heightened when there is an enhanced estrogen level.

Blonde women’s hair begins to darken following the birth of their first kid and will continue to darken with the birth of their second child. However, only a small percentage of naturally blonde women over the age of 30 are affected by the decline in estrogen.

fair hair

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