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10 Facts About Women That Will Surprise You

By Andrew Alpin, 20 February 2022


8 A woman’s life expectancy increases if she wears fewer clothes


More than 5,000 women over the age of 70 participated in a study done by British researchers, and they arrived at this result. Several explanations have been proposed to explain this link, but the most plausible one is based on chemistry. When sweat comes into contact with chemical residues left on clothing after washing, a chemical reaction occurs. Compounds formed as a result of these reactions are toxic to the body.

she wears fewer clothes

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9 A pregnant woman can go into labor if her nipples are stimulated


If the mother is past her due date, this is possible. If you rub or roll a pregnant woman’s nipples, her body produces the hormone oxytocin, which triggers the cervix’s maturation and labor contractions. It is also the same hormone that aids in the recovery of the uterus’ standard size after childbirth by contracting the organ once again.

Oxytocin also speeds up the delivery process by several times. A Turkish experiment involving 390 pregnant women was randomly assigned to three groups: one with uterine stimulation, one with nipple stimulation, and one with neither. Women in the nipple stimulation group gave birth in the quickest time possible.

pregnant woman

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10 The scent of her beloved man can make a woman calm


According to scientists at the University of British Columbia, the smell of a woman’s beloved man can alleviate her stress and tension. This study involved 96 couples. Men were given brand-new T-shirts to wear for the duration of the experiment. T-shirts were then distributed to ladies at random, without explaining who the recipient was. It was revealed that girls who received their partner’s T-shirt during the exam felt less anxious. Women who smelled the odor of a stranger had elevated cortisol levels, a stress hormone that contributed to their increased levels of irritability and fatigue. These are some strange facts about women you never could’ve imagined.

beloved man can make a woman calm

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