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What Does Your Sitting Position Say About Your Personality?

By Andrew Alpin, 14 July 2022


Experts have studied behavior and found that how you place your legs when you sit can reveal a lot about your personality. Yes, your legs and feet can say a lot about who you are. Experts say that your legs work based on instructions from your subconscious, which is hardwired to move you toward what you want or away from danger or negative emotions like fear, anxiety, boredom, insecurity, etc.

Studies have shown that flight attendants are taught to look for people with crossed ankles as a sign that they are nervous or anxious and need help. As part of their training, flight attendants are instructed to ask these passengers more than once if they want anything else to help them relax and open up.

Enjoy reading about your personality traits and those of the people you know based on how they sit.

Number 1: Sitting with your knees straight


Key Characteristics: Smart, rational thinkers, honest but reserved, cleanliness lovers, punctual, hard workers.

Researchers at Ohio State University found that people sitting with their knees straight during job interviews are more qualified for the job. They are also someone who has confidence in themselves and what they can do. They have a healthy and positive view of themselves, so they aren't as worried about things. These people are smart, think logically, and are on time in their daily lives. They are least likely to get somewhere to a meeting or an interview late.

They are more likely to do smart work and keep their homes, kitchens, offices, and places where they work clean and organized. They have the ability to stay calm in dire situations, so they rarely lose sight of what's important. Their calm minds also help them notice any changes in their surroundings or things that happen daily. They are honest, but they don't talk much. They won't talk about other people behind their backs or spread rumors. They would rather keep their feelings under control or to themselves than make a scene or fight.

Sitting with your knees straight

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Number 2: Sitting with your knees apart


Key Characteristics: Arrogant, self-centered, short attention span, easily bored, judgmental.

People who sit with their knees apart give off a feeling of being self-centered. They also seem to be proud and quick to judge. But studies have shown the exact opposite of what seems to be true. They also could be anxious and worrisome people. But since they want to be perfect, they are always afraid that something will go wrong.

Researchers have found that people sitting with their knees apart have chaotic minds and schedules. They can't stay focused for long and have a short attention span. They are always discovering new things and are so interested in them that they can't do one thing well at a time. They think they are wise, but most of the time, their thoughts are broken. They say things before they think about what might happen, or worse, they forget what they were going to say in the middle of a conversation.

No matter where they are, in relationships or at work, they need constant nudges and discipline to get things done in an organized way. Men usually sit with their knees apart, which is called "manspreading." However, in psychology, this is seen as a sign that the man is a "man child" who needs constant mothering or someone to keep them on track.

Sitting with your knees apart

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