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10 Harsh and Hard Hitting Truths That Many People Are Reluctant to Admit

By Andrew Alpin, 30 May 2018


Julien Smith is a business coach and writer who believes that people in this world like being silly just so that it gives them a false notion of being in control. There are many things we don’t want to believe in spite of it being the truth. Instead, we choose and select that part of life to believe as truth even though it may not be reality.

1 A number of our memories are false


Our brains trick us into manipulating and changing memories for our benefit. We censor out those parts that we cannot come to terms with and fabricate the good parts to live in denial. We only recall the last event of a memory but not the whole. We then chose to remember memories of older memories putting together a fabricated version to fool our minds into believing what we chose to believe. It is the same as the telephone game Chinese Whispers where the same procedure happens which requires a player to repeat an incident from the past. 

Memories are false

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2Not everyone has equal circumstances


There are many people who live tougher lives than others in various parts of the world. There are people who can’t afford proper transport for school and need to leave early to make it on time. In fact, many youngsters in developing countries may even be working before or after school while others may be born into wealthy families as heirs of business empires. It is human nature and logical to presume that the latter would be living an enjoyable life but surprisingly that isn’t always the case although there are exceptions. 

Not everyone has equal circumstances

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3No one wants to love people who don’t love themselves


If you’re constantly wishing for a handsome prince to ride into your life and sweep you off your feet, you may end up growing into an old woman and all alone. However!! It pays to respect and love yourself. You should never depend on others for your happiness or else be prepared to ride an emotional rollercoaster where up will be with someone at your side and down will be when you suddenly find yourself alone. In most cases, it’s always the down ride that you may experience most of the time.

 Wishing for a handsome prince

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