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Important Traits That Attract Men and Women To Each Other: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By Kavita Panyam, 5 November 2017


•11. Women that are frank are liked by men. Men are attracted to women that are clear about their feelings, intentions, and expectations. To be able to express their feelings frankly is something that can be a great turn on for men.

•12. Women that do not indulge in mind games attract men. Gone are the days of chasing and hunting. In the new age, men prefer women that are direct. 

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•13. Men like women that give them their space to do their stuff. Too much familiarity can act as a dampener and cool the relationship quickly. Added to this is the fact that men like to hang out with their gang and in general do not like to appear lovestruck.

•14. Men like women that are sensitive to their needs. It could be that, they may require some time to think things over and might pull away for a while. They test a woman’s capability to survive on her own. If she allows him this time and gets busy with her life, while still holding the same feelings for him, his attraction increases multifold.

•15. Men like women that dare to dream. Women that have a goal and work towards it diligently tend to attract men. Achievers are generally people, that have a dream. The drive to excel can be contagious and this quality is quite attractive in a woman. 

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•16. Men like women they can share stuff with. Men are attracted to women that can listen without labeling and judging men. The need to be heard without being put under the microscope can be very appealing to a man. So, if he finds a friend in her, he is good to go.

•17. Men like women they can respect. Women that possess the qualities that command respect tend to attract men.

•18. Women that possess a good sense of humour attract men. To be able to laugh at jokes or even at oneself after doing something stupid is a huge turn on.

•19. Men like women that do not take things to heart.

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•20. Women that can hold intelligent conversations that are brief and to the point tend to draw men to them. Mostly, men do not like long drawn conversations that are repetitive in nature.


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