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15 Things You May Regret In 10 Years

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 9 June 2018


Time passes swiftly and many decisions that we take may not prove to be good or helpful in the future. At times, we are too busy to ponder the situation which is certainly not good; take a step that not only makes your present better but also assures a bright future. Give yourself some time and contemplate prior to deciding anything; always set up your priorities and act according to them so that you don’t have to regret in future for the choices you have made.

Here we have come up with 15 such things that an individual may regret in the years to come and most of the people can actually relate to them.

1Unhealthy lifestyle that leads to health issues


Junk food attracts people and some are just not able to resist their temptation. Resultantly, they keep on consuming a lot of unhealthy products all day long without much physical movement or workout. This not only leads to obesity but a number of other health issues in the near future. And then the concerned individuals is left with nothing expect regretting for the lifestyle he/she had been living all these years.


2Life’s best and most valuable memories


To live a good life, it's very important that we know our priorities. A decent job and thriving career are among the top priorities of many and such people spend the whole day fulfilling commitments at work to get more appreciation and promotion for attaining success in professional terms. Nevertheless, in the process of doing it all, people are not able to give time to their loved ones and after several years when they have a lot of money, they regret missing those golden moments with family.


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3Not taking calculated risk


We have heard many times that if you are not willing to take risk in life, your chances of getting success are also very less. Life is absolutely uncertain but still you need to make plans, get out of your comfort zone and take some decisions based on calculated risk. It would be better to take calculated risk; who knows you earn a fortune with it as they say no risk, no gain; better to decide early than to regret later!


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4Postponing a trip to foreign country


Exploring a foreign country is a dream of many of us; however, we mostly keep on postponing it as there are some other things which we think are more important; for instance, home loan installment, car installment, a new computer or TV and so on. If you take a look at the image, the woman here wants to go to Paris but even after 10 years, it remains her dream that couldn’t come true.


Image Source: www.fempositive.com

5Not being satisfied with what you have


It’s said that contentment is the greatest wealth and key to happiness. If people learn that what actually matters is satisfaction with the whole lot they have instead of being upset about what they couldn’t afford, lack of any materialistic thing cannot make them upset. What’s the use of a lavish bungalow with all the luxurious amenities if you are not happy from within? Enjoy the present moment to the fullest with whatever you have or else you will repent for wasting precious time in desiring for luxurious things.


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