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If You Experience These 9 Symptoms, You Are Emotionally and Mentally Exhausted

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 27 May 2018


In today’s world where everyone aspires to get rich, powerful and famous, our lives have become mechanical by following the same hectic schedule and lifestyle. The increasing hunger for materialistic needs is making us work day and night, leading us to a state of emotional and mental exhaustion.

We do not understand the fact that the real fun is not just reaching the destination; it is enjoying the journey as well. However, we are in such a hurry to achieve the goal that we forget to enjoy our journey and this has an adverse effect on our lives and mindsets. We are getting emotionally and mentally drained and the sooner we recognize this problem and sort it out, the better it will be for us.

In this article, we have discussed about 9 signs which show that a person is emotionally and mentally drained!

1Getting irritated quickly


Getting irritated quickly is one of the signs of being emotionally and mentally drained. This shows that a person has lost mental peace and it doesn’t take much for him to get irritated. He is busy finding faults in others, their work and things around him. He has become an epitome of negativity and smile has become a thing of past. This state of mind proves that not everything is well in his life and there is something which is constantly troubling him. 

Getting irritated quickly

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2Anger is your middle name


A person who gets irritated easily also starts getting angry promptly without any solid reason. People begin to maintain distance from such a person as nobody wants to get involved in unpleasant situations. An angry person always makes more mistakes than a person who is calm and composed. Such a person starts losing friends and well-wishers as people generally prefer to avoid the company of a short-tempered guy or girl. 

Anger is your middle name

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3Losing focus


Once a person starts getting indulged in petty matters, much of his time goes in either quarreling with someone or whining about something. He is not that old person anymore who was focused and disciplined, whose priority used to be his work and who wanted to enhance his skills regularly. This is the point from where he will no longer be the one who always tried his best to excel in his work field or taking care of his loved ones. 

Losing focus

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4Always feeling fatigued


Feeling tired and feeling fatigued are two different concepts; while a person can get rid of tiredness by giving sufficient rest to his body, it is not the case with fatigue. Fatigue can be called the absence of zeal, enthusiasm and passion from the person’s life and no amount of rest can take care of this because it is mental and not physical. 

Always feeling fatigued

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It is a condition in which a person is not able to sleep and it further increases the problem of fatigue. He wants to sleep but as he tries to sleep, some thought comes to his mind and he starts worrying about it. It will result in loss of sleep and this state has an adverse effect on a person’s body and mind. 


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