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5 Situations Where We Pass Our Stress To our Loved Ones

By Jyoti Galada, 19 December 2017


We are surrounded by ample relationships and many of them are very close to us. Our emotions are guided by the emotions of our loved ones. And vice versa our mood affects the mood and wellbeing of people who love us. They are happy in our happiness, sad in our grief, stressed when we are in trouble, depressed if we hurt them and even start feeling low when we are sick.

Love has a strong hold over both our positive and negative emotions. So if we truly love our loved ones we should try to minimize the display of our problems to them for their well being and be happy for others. If we are strong and hopeful then people around us are at peace but if we breakdown then tension overpowers our loved ones. As Lydia M. Child puts, “An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves”.

1 Relationships


In all our relationships stress is likely to happen at some point. Most of this stress is temporary and manageable. But many of us pass the stress faced in one relationship to other relationships. This action causes a disturbance in others life. Rina had a fight with her best friend. Now she each day cribbed in front of her husband about it who would want to have some ‘me time’ with her.

Initially, he solaced her but later got pissed off. Rina also expected her other friends to severe relations with the friend with whom she fought. For her other friends both the ladies were dearer to them and choosing one over the other became difficult for them. Unless imperative some relationship issues can be managed by maintaining silence and not discussing them in length and breadth.


Image Source: www.loveatfirstfight.com


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