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Some proven secrets from parents to Raise Happy Children

By Kavita Panyam, 16 September 2017


A household that has kids is often tension-prone. But when you know how to raise happy children, there is love, peace, and joy at home. We bring you some such secrets that many parents use to raise happy children.

1They practice what they preach


If you want your children to be the way you want them to, you must take care to be the same way too. Children learn by observing their parents. No matter how many times you try to teach them things, unless you yourself follow those as a parent, the teachings won't work on the kids. It is only when parents reflect the qualities desired out of their children that the latter learn. So take out time and be what you want them to be.

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2Reduce your stress levels to maintain harmony at home


Let's face it, parenting is not an easy job for sure. But the time invested in it with love and care will bring you tremendous satisfaction in life. An unhappy mother causes stress to other members of the family. Parents that are unhappy and stressed out need to address their issues at the earliest as otherwise, the harmony of the home would get spoilt. There could be issues at work, health issues, the performance of kids at school may not be up to the mark, household chores may be tiring with little or no help. Whatever the issue is, needs to be resolved at the earliest so as to not pass on the stress to kids.

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