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Woman Gives Birth To Her Son’s Baby But The Story Behind It Is Beautiful

By Andrew Alpin, 9 February 2018


The most disappointing news for any couple is to hear from their doctor that they cannot conceive a child. It can be traumatic for many and even cause depression in women. Fortunately for Kayla Jones 29 from Arkansas, she didn’t have to suffer the fate of being a childless mother because a guardian angel came to her rescue. Her Mother in law, Patti. The woman gave birth to her son’s baby.

1Mother carries her son’s child


Patty Resecker, Kayla’s mother in law didn’t give it a second thought when offering to be the surrogate mother for her son’s baby. That was one of the most beautiful and selfless things to do.

Mother carries her son’s child

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2Married for years but without a child


Kayla and Cody Jones married in 2012. But, they are yet to conceive a child as doctors told Kayla she couldn’t due to a tumor in a uterus that she suffered from when she was 17 and which was subsequently removed by a partial hysterectomy. That ended her dream to be a mother.

Said Kayla, “My ovaries did not have to be removed so I am still able to have a child biologically mine, but I am unable to carry the child myself. “That’s why my husband and I had to use a surrogate.”

Married for years but without a child

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3Patti would joke about it


Kayla and Cody had been married 5 years and discovered they wouldn’t be able to conceive. Her mother in law would often joke about becoming a surrogate. That joke turned out serious since the couple explored several surrogate options that didn’t work out. “After a couple of our surrogate options did not work out, we started to take my mother-in-law more seriously.”

Patti would joke about it

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