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Some proven secrets from parents to Raise Happy Children

By Kavita Panyam, 16 September 2017


5They allow them to make choices

Parent's that allow their kids to make choices whilst guiding them raise happy kids. Children like to feel in control of their lives and it is always good to make them independent from a young age itself. Children tend to feel responsible when they make the choices rather than when parent's do it for them.

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6They allow children to express their emotions

Kids are not wired to understand their emotions like adults. They feel the emotions intensely and may end up throwing tantrums in the middle of a busy street. Parent's must gently make them understand that it is okay to feel the emotions and should gently guide them away from the intense feelings. However, parent's that accept and love their children during all phases, are the ones that raise happy kids as any rejection may foster hostile behaviour from the kids.

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7They make sure that their kids get enough sleep


Parent's that make their children understand the importance of a good nights rest raise happy kids. Kids that are rested well display positive behaviour and a willingness to learn better. However busy the parents may be, they must make it a point to tuck the kids in bed and then resume their chores. Doing too many late nights is strict no unless it is work related as kids observe their parents all the time. We hope these important tips will go a long way in helping you raise happy kids.

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