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When Is The Best Time For Motherhood? Scientists Reveal The Answer!!

By Andrew Alpin, 24 May 2017


In today’s world driven by careers and work out of necessity and experience, woman are opting for motherhood at an older age. Celebs are forever opting for late pregnancies. Take Gwen Stefani and Halle Berry for instance. This makes a bit of sense as an older woman in her thirties would be both established in life as well as experienced mentally and physically to have a baby. This is not in any negative reference to young wannbe mothers who could be just as strong but an extensive study and research has found that being pregnant at 35 has a great deal of advantages and benefits.

Now we all know raising a child comes with joys and moments of happiness but it is also a challenge. Today the average age of mothers is increasing and we aren’t talking fashion here. It is just that women in their 30’s or 40’s enjoy a great deal of security in their relationship and career which is a great motivating factor when having a baby. Till now 35 was considered risky for a baby but not anymore and you’ll be surprised at what science says about being pregnant at 35 regarding life expectancy.

1 Women are now starting families late

Women are now starting families in their thirties. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health statistics observed that in 2012 there were none times more first time births in moms aged 35 and older as compared to the seventies.

A study conducted at the University of Southern California says that being pregnant at 35 and delivering a baby improves the mental health of a mother. Earlier studies had proven that a baby at 35 increases life expectancy. No more is pregnant at 35 an age considered too old to deliver a baby because the world as we know it is changing and along with it evolution too.

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2 How did scientists come up with such a conclusion?

830 postmenopausal women participated in a study and were tested on visual perception, planning, concentration, verbal memory and attention. The research found that those women who had delivered a baby after the age of 24 displayed better focus and increased mental activity such as problem solving and verbal skills in comparison to those who had a baby between the ages of 125 and 24. Those who delivered a baby at 35 displayed an even higher cognitive function.

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3 The reason that increased the women’s cognitive function


It all boiled down to the surge of hormones namely estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy. The hormones had a beneficial impact on the chemistry of the brain and improved cognitive function. This increased with the age of delivering a baby.

It’s easy to decide to have a baby but one should take time out to think when to have one. Sometimes the decision of a baby between couples can be a difficult one given several factors involved. Pregnancy at any particular age has its own advances and disadvantages. Where lifestyle changes and challenges are concerned a couple should be cooperative and understanding enough with each other to arrive at a mutual decision. A mother pregnant at 35 should take care of her health through a well maintained diet, exercise and mental well being. Where the physical aspects are concerned, your doctor is the best person to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy.

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