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The Way This Mother Handles A Explosive Situation With Her Teenage Son Gives Us Parenting Goals

By Jatin Sharma, 19 April 2017


Mothers are rightly the replacements of god on this Earth. They carry you for nine months in their bodies and undergo excruciating pain to give birth to you and raise you. They are the central figures of any child and teenager and their kids are always dependent on them.

This personal experience by blogger Kathleen Fleming is a must read for any parent who are looking into parenting techniques.

1 What happens between the mother and the son?

The mother Kathleen Fleming is a well-known blogger on the blog known as Majestic Unicorn and apart from this; she is a wonderful mother to a teenage son. However, she recently shared a heartwarming story when her son did something he shouldn’t have.

Her son was angry at something and angrily went into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. However, this caused the heavy and door-length mirror to fall to the ground and smash to pieces and the hallway was in disarray. This happened after Kathleen and her son had a heated argument.

Broken door glass

Image Source: www.ihappymama.ru

2 The initial moments after the mess

Kathleen came running to the hallway and saw the thousands of broken pieces of glass on the floor, with sunlight reflecting from them. She was thinking what to next and meanwhile took care of the pets. She let the dog out in the courtyard and cat was locked in the basement to keep them away from the glass and cutting their feet.

Now she could have shouted at him for doing this and have him clean the mess. But Kathleen was calm and composed, but boiling with emotion. She immediately went into the backyard and cried her eyes out. She wanted to vent her emotions in form of tears.

Dog and cat together

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