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How to Find Out the Best Dates To Get Pregnant Based On Moms Zodiac Sign

By Andrew Alpin, 2 November 2017


Astrology today is trending among wannabe mothers and those planning a baby. The trend of mommies and astrology has even got a term called Momstrology but before you plan your baby’s zodiac, it would also be best to review your own zodiac sign and analyze the traits of your own personality according to the zodiac. Astrology, of course, is a science entrenched in scores of treatises dating back to ancient times and though there are skeptics, there are millions around the world who love reading their horoscope for the day. Through astrology, you can either plan your baby’s zodiac sign by choosing your time of conceiving to get a baby most compatible with your own zodiac sign. Read on how to plan pregnancy based on your zodiac.

1If you are an Aries Mommy

An Aries personality is a born leader and most Aries are likely to be qualified with a number of degrees. Aries people love a sense of adventure and are always restless. For an Aries mom to conceive, the best time would be

• June 25th-July 15th

• October 25th-November 15th

• February 25th-March 15th

Aries is regarded as a fire sign and thus your child should also be one. Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Both fire mommy and baby will share a life of adventure together. Your child will share your interests and adjust to your spontaneity. She will be as curious as you about life and always be in hyperdrive like you. As an Aries, you may be quite outspoken which is what your child will also grow up to be and that isn’t a bad trait exactly given the affairs of this present world we live in.

Aries Mommy

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2If you are a Taurus Mommy

You are an extremely focused on the specific things in life and will do the same for your kids too. You are particular about good manners and appearances so if your kids end up a bit on the wrong side of your nature, it might pose a problem that requires more effort than usual. It would be best to plan your conception during these dates.

• July 25th-August 15th,

• November 25th-December 15th

• March 25th-April 15th.

Those who prefer to live by traditions and culture are more earthy signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. You can recognize an earth Mommy because she will always be a stickler for tradition and that’s lovely too because then every festival will be celebrated as it should be, tradition and family go hand in hand too so that’s great family stability for you. Earth children would love and respect your values and learn to grow with them too. 

mother teaching daughter

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