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Some proven secrets from parents to Raise Happy Children

By Kavita Panyam, 16 September 2017


3They believe in their children's capabilities

Nothing matters more to children than the confidence they get when they know that their parents believe in their abilities. When your child achieves something, be sure to praise him but when he fails at something do not reprimand him. Instead, please encourage him to do better next time. This will not only make him feel accepted but will also raise his confidence levels. It has been proven that children perform better when they are made to feel that they are capable.

children's capabilities

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4They have meals together

Parent's that have meals with their children feel more loved and cared for. They are less depressed and have low suicidal thoughts. Keeping mealtimes exclusively for the family is very important to bond better. Just remember to turn your phone on silent and shut off the TV.

Family having  meals together

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