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8 Tips To Make Your Home Child-safe

By Arkadeep Deb, 25 May 2017


Raising a child without a single scratch on them throughout their childhood, maybe a more daunting task than you can imagine. Everyone has those stories, including this author, about that one furniture they always bumped their head on, as a child; that one threshold that always toppled them in their tracks! However, your home does not have to have a round-the-clock nanny, so your young one can grow safe. Here are 8 tips to make your home child-safe.

1 Door-stopper

If your young-lings run the risk of having their fragile fingers caught between hinges and doors, it might benefit you to cut a sponge or a pool noodle, slice it through the middle and stick it on the door frame, so that the door does not shut hard.

Door stopper

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2 Stack the medicine cabinet

Bumps and bruises are a part and parcel of childhood and in spite of this article there will be a few that escapes attention. For this very reason, it is prudent to keep band-aids, anti-septic’s and cotton in your medicine cabinet.

Mother doing first aid

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3 Keep your cabinets and cupboards locked

Childhood is a time of wonder and there is much of that in hide ‘n’ seek. However, a child trapped in a cabinet or a cupboard is a scary thought, just as much. Keeping your cupboards locked, and the ones without locks tied firm with a string or elastic would be a wise move.

Keep your cabinets and cupboards locked

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4 Bumpers on cribs and wooden furniture

Children have a habit of feeling around with their mouth when their milk teeth start appearing. Their delicate hands also help them get up every time they fall down. To this effect, wrapping the reachable parts of the wooden crib or other wooden furniture with a clothing material to form a ‘bumper’ is advisable.

Bumpers on cribs and wooden furniture

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