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15 Rules MCU Actors Have To Follow To Stay An Avenger

By KK Angus, 14 April 2018


MCU's Avengers are perhaps the biggest movie franchise ever. The upcoming Infinity War movie promises the penultimate battle and fans are obviously geared up for the 19th movie of the MCU. But as much as you enjoy an Avengers movie, being an Avenger is perhaps the hardest job in the world.

From Chris Hemsworth to Robert Downey Junior to Chris Evans these stars have to go through rigorous training and an unbelievably strict diet. But how much is too much when it comes to rules? And how much does it affect their lives? And most importantly is it all worth it?

1The extensive training sessions


Staying in shape is, of course, the first agenda for any and every Avenger. Chris Pratt went through an unthinkable transformation when he lost tons of weight for Guardians of the Galaxy. Scarlett Johansson had to maintain a strict diet to portrayal Black Widow. The MCU actors are given a time frame within which they have to lose weight and gain muscles if needed. They are also given a diet plan and all the help they need but straying off the path is a strict no-no.

 Chris Pratt Body Transformation

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2The press tours which will make you jet-lagged


The extensive press tours for promoting a film is perhaps the most demanding rule of all. The cast and crew have to travel through the world to do the press tours. And it's not just about one city. It's not even about one country. You can be in Australia one day and in Japan the next, as their schedules are just that erratic. Jet lag or lethargy can't even get in the way.

Cast of Avengers

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3You always have to be prepared for reshoots


Reshoots are a pain for any actor but for the MCU cast they are a very tough reality. In MCU movies often several storylines merge and it becomes very difficult to seamlessly maintain the chronology. In case something goes wrong, reshoots are the only option. But for an actor reshoots are a big deal as it clashes with their schedule. It may happen that they have gained weight for a certain role and were called in for a reshoot. Idris Elba, for instance, was called in for Thor reshoots when he was shooting for the Mandela movie.

prepared for reshoots

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4They're literally turned into toys


You might be uncomfortable holding a miniature version of yourself but you have to make peace with it if you're an Avenger. In fact, in very superhero franchise merchandising is a big deal and every MCU cast member has to say yes to marketing their characters as toys. For most people, it's obviously fun and even if it isn't, an Avenger doesn't really get a choice.

Cute Avengers toys

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5MCU contracts are different


You might have noticed that many Avengers pop up for a cameo in other Avenger's solo outing. For instance, Captain America was featured for just a few seconds in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, MCU contracts work differently than other franchises. As long as your contract lasts you will have your say yes to appearing whenever the franchise demands you. Even for a three-second cameo. It's hardly fair bur being an Avenger is not an everyone's cup of tea.

MCU contracts are different

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