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10 Super cute pictures of unborn animals in wombs that will make you go awwww

By Jatin Sharma, 4 March 2017


Well, all we can say is that you have to see it to believe it and that is quite an understatement. We all want to know what animal babies are like in the womb of their mothers. Big animals like elephants, sharks, horses or small animals like bats, snakes (small snakes) and other members of animal kingdom in the safety of their mother’s wombs look so cute.

A National Geographic channel photographer and producer Peter Chin was able to capture various such animals in the womb of their mothers and the results are just fantastic, actually the result is beyond fantastic.

Chin used 3D imaging technique and colored ultrasounds of the pregnant animals combined with the use of small cameras and graphics to give the final results a life like look. These astonishing images as a part of documentary called “In the Womb: Animals” and though the documentary dates to 2006, the images popped up on photo sharing site Imgur this week and we have 10 of the best images of them for your viewing pleasure.

So sit back and look in awe at 10 unborn animals in their mother’s womb.


An adult African elephant weighs around 1.5-2 tons and its gestation period is up to 615 days. What you see in the image above is an elephant (not exactly an African one) foetus in its mother’s womb. You can see the hooves and trunk and hair on the tail developed completely.


Image Source: www.huffpost.com


Most adult dolphins weigh around 1500lbs. Also they have one of the longest life span of up to 50 years for female bottlenose dolphins. Their gestation period is around a year and they calve every 305 years.


Image Source: www.espacebuzz.com


An adult horse can weigh up to 500-600 kgs. They are also quite tall with the tallest horse being Big Jake who is six feet; ten and three-quarter inches tall and weighs 2,600 pounds. The gestation period for horses is around 11 months.


Image Source: www.digitamix.com


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