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If Einstein Was On Twitter? Wouldn’t Tweets Be Relatively Wittier?

By Andrew Alpin, 16 March 2017


Albert Einstein has some sassy quotes attributed to him. The man famous for E=mc² that created the atom bomb also created scientific history with his theory of relativity. Of course he was rewarded with the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921 and could well be the greatest scientist to have lived. Like all great men, Einstein too has delivered some fantastic quotes during his time and they are all motivational and inspirational takes on life but!! What if Einstein was on twitter lived today and was an internet savvy social media loving guy. Imagine what his twitter handle would read and even more so his daily hep tweets. Here are some entertaining hashtags added to his already famous quotes. Enjoy the fun.

1An empty stomach

That’s what he said. An intelligent man needs to feed himself too that’s one food bae for you

An empty stomach

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2His witty examples

And a burning one too

Einsteins witty tweets

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3Einstein and Tagore

Einstein and Tagore met at his Berlin residence in 1930 and from then a good friendship ensured. Imagine both of them tweeting each other today “Yo Einstein busy?? “No Rabi, just winning the Nobel Prize BRB. “Hehe I got one too…LOL”

Einstein and Tagore

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4And he would have loved Google

Yes if Einstein was on twitter and the net, he would be a webmaster undoubtedly

Einstein was on twitter

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5Einstein on school and education

Kids don’t follow this not everyone has a brain like Einstein and yes he was kind of a drop out because he was way above studying. He couldn’t learn enough and so left and became the greatest scientist the world has ever known.

Einstein on school and education

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