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Geniuses have failed to spot the differences in these images. Can You?

By Andrew Alpin, 18 March 2017


As a child did you like playing spot the differences in those activity books at home or school? This game was so popular that even magazines featured it. It is something that most people have enjoyed in their life time testing their skills of observation. So do you think you still have it in you? Well here are some pictures to test your puzzle solving abilities at spot the differences.

1 This is an easy image and you shouldn’t take too long

The differences are here if you look closely. 

Find the difference in the image

Image Source: www.123.gr

2 Let’s see how good you are when it gets tough, now spot the differences in this one

The trick in trying to spot the differences is paying attention to detail. 

spot the differences

Image Source: www.123.gr

3 Recognize this painting. Both are different


Well you could say this is the Mona Lisa and the Mona Liza reprocessed. 

Mona Lisa painting puzzle

Image Source: www.thelogicalstory.com

4 This gets a bit confusing

There’s hardly much visual here but then challenge yourself.

Confusing riddles

Image Source: www.cdnpopularnie.pl

5 The Big Ben but this looks easy

If you can’t find one instantly then that’s baaad!! 

The Big Ben

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

6 How much obvious can a picture get


These are easy of you apply your mind to it. 

Picture puzzle

Image Source: www.embed.ly

7 The level just increased

So still game for a toughie before the ultimate? Try this one, not many have got it.

Disney world

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

8 The hardest of the lot


Puzzle pitctures

Image Source: www.ggpht.com

9Disney’s frozen. Spot the difference


Disney’s frozen

Image Source: www.highlightsalongtheway.com

10Spot 7 differences in the pictures

Spot 7 differences

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

11A family captured in the pictures. Spot the difference

family captured in the pictures

Image Source: www.fudzilla.com

12Castles captured in the pictures. Spot the difference


Castles captured

Image Source: www.inscname.net

13Beautiful landscapes shown below. Spot the difference

Beautiful landscapes shown below

Image Source: www.static-s.aa-cdn.net

14Cartoon characters in the pictures. Spot the difference

Cartoon characters in the pictures

Image Source: www.mtvnimages.com

15Halloween pictures shown below. Spot the difference


Halloween pictures

Image Source: www.women.com

16Pictures of ponds. Spot the difference

Pictures of ponds

Image Source: www.envato.com

17Baby riding on a horse. Spot the difference

Baby riding on a horse

Image Source: www.diegogames.com

18Pictures of workstations. Spot the difference


Pictures of workstations


19A game of Rugby. Spot the difference

A game of Rugby

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com

20A house amidst nature. Spot the difference

house amidst nature

Image Sourced: www.pinimg.com

21Baby playing in the house. Spot the difference


Baby playing in the house

Image Source: www.freegamesnews.com

22Rookie crash test dummies. Spot the difference

Rookie crash test dummies


23Pigs in the house. Spot the difference

So did you enjoy spot the differences? Make sure you finish the last picture. 

Pigs in the house

Image Source: www.deviantart.net