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15 Hilarious Photos That Show What Happens When Kids Go Broke In College

By Andrew Alpin, 23 September 2017


If you have spent three years in college then you’ll understand how college students need to be creative and use their ingenuity to innovate in the living quarters all because they may be broke. While everyone has of course gone through hardship in college, these images shown here reveal how these kids should get an award for creativity and innovation. Here are 15 photos of genius college kids and their incredible life hacks to make things easier in a hostel.

1When you’re trapped in a blizzard


If you’re stuck in a blizzard and don’t have a refrigerator, you make the most of your situation. Like these college kids have carved a makeshift refrigerator out of ice to refrigerate and cool their drinks. How smart if that. 

When you don't have refrigerator

Image Source: www.aplus.com

2When you don’t have a trashcan


So who actually needs one because ultimately you need to discard the trash and throw it away? A plastic bag is all that’s needed which can be placed over any cavity or piece of furniture with an opening that can function just as well. 


Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

3No one will suspect a thing


When you have a hole in your socks and don’t have a second pair or too lazy to darn the thing, then the next best thing to do is paint your toes in the same color as the socks which nobody will notice. 

hole in your socks

Image Source: www.netdna-ssl.com

4When lazy meets genius


Here’s another example of being lazy. This guy has devised a great way of mowing the lawn with no walking effort. His DIY lawnmower cycle is the best way of getting a good cycle ride while also performing a task. 

Lazy people are genius

Image Source: www.epimg.net


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