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15 Rules MCU Actors Have To Follow To Stay An Avenger

By KK Angus, 14 April 2018


6Philanthropic work is a must

You must have spotted Captain America or Iron Man at a children's hospital or Thor doing charity. Many MCU cast members make sure they do good work and engage in several charities. Now, many say that this is in keeping with their superhero image. But that's not entirely true. These actors mostly do it for personal reasons and not strictly for benefitting the franchise. Nevertheless, it certainly helps their case.

Philanthropic work is a must

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7The money might be not marvellous

It’s no secret that Robert Downey Junior said yes to playing iron man at a somewhat minimal money. At that point, a lot was at stake for Robert and he was trying to make a comeback. But it is known that MCU actors can't make outrageous demands to the franchise when it comes to paychecks. In fact, Terrence Howard was fired from his role for asking too much money.

Iron Man is forever

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8The long makeup hours


It is imperative for every Avenger to sit through hours of makeup sessions and even makeup tryouts to get their look just right. In fact, Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldana have do undergo extensive makeup and prosthetics to look like their MCU characters. This doesn’t just involve sitting in a chair for five hours but they have to do it every day.

The long makeup hours for avengers

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9Giving up the mantle when called for

One can’t stay an Avenger forever and have to give up the title when called for, even if they don’t want to. For instance, Andrew Garfield had to stop being Spider-Man, as a younger Spidey was the need of the hour. As is the case with Ed Norton’s Hulk. But an Avenger can’t afford to get emotionally attached to his/her role.

Tom Holland

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10No revealing script details

MCU stars have to be very careful about their scripts and in fact, all the actors were initially given fake Infinity War scripts over fears that the script might get leaked. Also, the scripts are usually marked by the actors’ names so that when a script is found somewhere they know who wasn’t being careful.

Captain America Star Teases

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