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See why this frustrated father wrote a check using common core math to his kid’s school

By Apurwa Anand, 4 March 2017


Common core math has been adopted and implemented in 46 states of the United States in order to improve the mathematics achievements all around the country. The standards for teaching common core math were introduced in 2010. People promoting the implementation feel that common core math not only helps children in improving their problem-solving skills but also makes them efficient for working in mathematics related fields such as research, aeronautics, banking engineering and so on. However, many children and parents have found common core math too perplexing.

Here is an interesting story of a father who wrote a hilarious common core check to his kid’s school to show his frustration over curriculum which was being taught to his son.

1The frustrated father

Doug Herrmann from Ohio wrote a check to his kid’s elementary school using common core math. He was very frustrated that he could help his second-grade son in solving his school homework. Even though the questions were very simple, the curriculum his son was using did not look familiar to him as what he had learnt in his time got all replaced by the new curriculum. He wanted to convey it the school that if they were using common core math, then they should keep it to the school, and not send kids back with homework to solve those problems. On his facebook page, he said that the school authorities should give homework pertaining to reading, writing, science, gym( which is his forte), but not math, as he was not able to help his kid.

Doug Herrmann from Ohio

Image Source: www.nydailynews.com


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