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15 Rules MCU Actors Have To Follow To Stay An Avenger

By KK Angus, 14 April 2018


11Sticking to regimens

Avengers actors have to stick to their daily training and workout regimens. In fact, if an Avenger misses their workout, they are given warnings as they are often time-bound to get in shape over a few weeks.

chris hemsworth workout

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12Leave stunts for the pros

The Avengers might look their part but are seldom allowed to do their own stunts. In fact, most of the time the stunts and heavy-lifting is done by stunt men and stunt women. Even if an Avenger wants to their own stunts, it is strictly forbidden as it is too risky.

The Avengers stunts

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13Diets are a must


Just working out and training is obviously not enough. All MCU actors have to adhere to strict nutrition rules and have to stay on diets to stay in perfect shape. The worst part is they can’t quit dieting even after their movie is shot, as they have to start prepping up for the next movie.

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14Keeping up with it all

The MCU is an expansive and interwoven universe which just keeps expanding. In the last ten years, it has had 18 films in its bag and the franchise is connected by one linear narrative but multiple storylines. If you’re an Avenger, the one thing you have to do is keep up with everything that has been going on. Right from every character’s name to what they did in every movie to their superpower, you can’t miss anything.


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15No spoiler alert

Several MCU stars have gotten in trouble for mistakenly leaking spoilers about the upcoming MCU films. Avengers have to understand that the suspense is what keeps fans on the edge and one spoiler or unwarranted information can ruin it all.

No spoiler alert

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