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17 Psychological tips and tricks that could help you deal with negative people

By Kavita Panyam, 7 November 2017


2Make it known to them

This can be done in a decent manner and need not look like a showdown. Clear communication may be a polite way of addressing this issue. You can try telling them that this kind of behavior does not go down well with you. This might garner a lukewarm response as negative people seldom listen with the idea of sorting out differences, which are created with the aim of disturbing others.

3Alter the Relationship

If the negative person is just an acquaintance, it can be easy to cut off communication with them. You may ignore their texts or calls. But when the offender is a friend or family member, it can get dicey. The best way would be to reduce the communication gradually. Start with excuses of being busy, unavailable, or meet them for just a few minutes citing something important. Take a break from the friendship or relationship to sort your life and mind.

alter acquaintance

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4See the Good in It


While interacting with negative people can bring your morale down tremendously and exhaust you no end, they can also serve as lessons to be learned. Negative people tend to attack your weak points and that is how you can begin to seal the loose ends of your life. Once you know where you lack, it becomes easy to work on repairing the area. So, take the good from it and discard the rest.

5Set Firm Boundaries

If you find someone talking negative, you may choose to either listen to it and get affected or simply cite an excuse and walk away. When you identify a pattern with a person, limit your interactions so that your peace is not affected.

Set Firm Boundaries

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