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The First Man You See Says a Lot about Your Personality

By Christopher Paul, 5 June 2018


Our personality says a lot about us, more than we’d like. Do you know everything there is to know about your personality? Have you ever wondered what kind of person you are as opposed to the kind of person you think you are?

Today we have a small, simple and easy test for you. No, you don’t have to answer 10 questions or chose different options. You just have to look at one image and tell us what the first thing that you see is.

The first image is that of a group of male actors, look at the image and tell us which actors face you can make out on first glance. Please be honest and don’t try to change your actor after reading what each actor stands for. The first test will tell you about your masculinity and your nature. But before that let’s take a look at:

1Are you born with a personality?


Are you born with your personality or do you acquire it in life? The answer is a bit of both actually. We inherit some qualities of our parents and gain some through life. Even as children you might have noticed you had some qualities of your parents, maybe you were stubborn or moody and one or both of your parents were the same.

Are you born with a personality?

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2How do we gain or grow our personality?


As we grow up we learn things, we experience things. Every interaction we have in our daily lives somehow affects us. As children we interact with our parents, friends and teachers. In this stage of life we are like clay, soft and can be moulded. How people behave with us, the experiences we have forms our personality.

How do we gain or grow our personality?

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3Can our personalities change?


Yes, even a metal rod can be heated enough to make it bend or change its shape. Our personalities are hardwired into us and can be hard to change them. But where there is a will there is a way so if we truly want we can always change our self.

Can our personalities change?

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4Why is our personality important?


Our personalities basically are the reason why we behave the way we do. In certain situations we behave a certain way because that’s how our minds have been programmed to be. For some people when bullied stand up and face them in a non violent way while others stat a physical fight, all this depends on our personality.

Why is our personality important?

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Take a look at the image below and tell us which actor do you see? Which actor can you positively make out on first glance? Don’t stare too long to find your favourite actor, let it be natural and write down the name of the one you can recognise. This is a test that will tell you a bit about your masculinity.


Image Source: sarcasm-viral.xyz


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