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15 Facts That Totally Sound Fake But Are True

By Shaiqa Bushra, 27 June 2018


5No one can dig more than 0.5% into earth’s radius


The crust of the earth is around 35 km. The radius of the earth is a whopping 6500 km. There are layers of hard rock at high temperatures below the crust which makes digging below impossible. Therefore the maximum you can drill into the earth is 35km/6500km which is about 0.5% of the earth’s radius.

Earths radius

Image Source: theconversation.com

6Coconuts claim more lives than sharks every year


The fact may surprise you, but we are almost 25 times more vulnerable to death by coconut than from sharks. Sharks account for 5 kills on an average per year whereas coconuts kill 150 persons. The fear of being killed from coconut is so high in Australia that coconut trees are taken down from the shores of cities like Queensland.

Coconuts claim more lives than sharks every year

Image Source: wafflesatnoon.com

7Clouds have weight


Throughout its lifespan, a cloud can weigh 1.1 million pounds. That’s heavy! The water density of the cloud is tiny but the size of the cloud is so huge that it can collectively be pretty heavy. You never thought that it is that heavy, did you?

Clouds have weight


Image Source: izvestia.nikolaev.ua

8Koko, a gorilla was an expert in sign language


Born in 1970s, Koko was a western lowland gorilla. When she was a year old, she started learning an American sign language, designed specifically for apes. She had a pet kitten and loved to paint. After the death of her pet, she expressed words like sad, cry and frown. She could communicate like a normal human being and express emotions likewise. She left us a few days back, in the year 2018.

Koko, a gorilla


Image Source: tbdcdn.com


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