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15 Facts That Totally Sound Fake But Are True

By Shaiqa Bushra, 27 June 2018


13We took the same time to reach from steel to bronze 


The above fact may not sound exaggerated yet. But continue reading to know why it is mind-blowing. The Iron Age started around 1000 BCE whereas the Bronze Age began around 3500 BCE. It took us 2500 years to reach from bronze to iron. The reasons for the same are many, like the non-availability of good quality iron or the limitations in temperatures that we could reach or the design issues in the furnaces of that era.

Bronze to iron

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Around 1200 BCE, men started making steel weapons but due to the use of low-quality iron for making weapons, bronze weapons were still the superior one. Gradually, the furnace designs were improved and steel weapons started becoming stronger.

steel weapons


Image Source: www.maxpixel.net

We got nuclear weapons around 1500 AD which means we took almost the same time to reach to nuclear weapons from steel weapons.

We took the same time to reach from steel weapons to nuclear weapons as we took  to reach from bronze weapons to steel weapons

Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

14Bats consist 20% of all mammal species


In the year 2008, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), in their IUCN Red List assessed that 5,488 species of mammals are present in Earth. Surprisingly, 1240 of these species are of bats. It suggests that 20% of all the mammal species are of bats.

Bats mammal species

Image Source: wikimedia.org

15The city of Chicago was raised by more than a foot without any daily life disruption during the 1850s and 1860s


At the beginning of the 18th century, the city of Chicago was suffering from mud related issues. The people were suffering from diseases like dysentery, cholera and typhoid fever, all because of the mud.

The newly found, Chicago Board of Sewerage Commissioners, then came up with a unique plan. They hired an engineer who suggested storm sewers but it would require them to increase the city level. So the board decided to raise the city, somewhere between four to fourteen feet.

It took twenty long years to accomplish the task but it was done without disturbing the normal life. Tourists, too came to watch that phenomenon.

Raising of Chicago

Image Source: www.wbez.org

16A Telescope that can see Dinosaurs Running Around!


You must be knowing that distance for planets is measured in light years. So in the same way, it takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach our Earth. Now, if a huge telescope is constructed and viewed from approximately 65 million light-years away at another planet, you might possibly be seeing dinosaurs still running around the Earth which used to be alive 65 million years before. Surprising, no?

Telescope that can see Dinosaurs



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