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Don’t Restrain Your Farts! Seven Reasons Why Passing Wind Is Healthy

By Andrew Alpin, 14 May 2017


4 Balances diet

Passing wind can be an indicator of a balanced diet. Eating red meat means your farts may stink eating too many carbs may make you fart more but with no odor.

Farting Balances diet

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5 Reduce Abdominal Pain

Gas can also cause abdominal pain called intestinal distension. Passing wind or gas relieves the pain. Massage your belly to help the gas flow through your digestive system making it easier to fart. Here is a good way to massage your stomach to get rid of bloating.

Reduce Abdominal Pain

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6 Colon Health


Holding up your farts and manipulating its release is bad for the colon and can lead to hemorrhoid inflammation. When you need to fart, just fart.

Farting improves Colon Health

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7 Smelling Your Farts is Healthy

This sounds gross but c’mon, many people love smelling their own farts yet they would freak out smelling someone else’s. Perhaps it’s evolutionary physiological instinct that makes us realize smelling our fears is healthy, Hydrogen Sulfide produced in the intestines during digestions can even help by prevention of mitochondrial damage to our cells. This also prevents heart disease, arthritis, and stroke. Can you beat that, your fart actually fights off disease too. Perhaps it’s time doctors started smelling farts to make a correct diagnosis.

Smelling Your Farts is Healthy

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